Article On How To Watch Game Of Thrones

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Nowadays, people have a hangover of Games of Thrones. In your friends’ group, there must be 2 or 3 persons who never tired of talking about Games of Thrones. Check there Facebook, Instagram or any other social media, you must find something related to Games o Thrones. Why it is so popular in the world? What is this about? Have you ever watched Games of Thrones? or heard about it? If no, and you are watching it for the very first time then this article will help you to watch Games of Thrones.

  1. Let’s Talk About Games of Thrones

    Game of Thrones has short abbreviation as GoT, is an American fantasy drama on fictional contents television series created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss and telecast on HBO channel. It is a fantasy novel series and in April 2011 its first episode comes. Every year 10 episode was made and together these 10 episodes make one season. Game of Thrones has released Season 1 in 2011 of 10 episodes than in 2012 Season 2 released and till 2018, 8 seasons has released successfully.

  1.     How to Watch Game of Thrones?
    This series has been on air on different country’s tv channels outside the USA. In some
    countries it is showing on Tv with the USA telecast and, in some countries, it is telecasted after some hours or some days when it is telecasted in the USA. Like you can watch it on online app Hotstar or Star World Premier legally. But from both, you must pay for this to see. But people love to use things which have no cost. Therefore, this article has been written for you. Download the Game of Thrones from uTorrent and watch this on your laptop freely without any hurdle. You can watch Game of Thrones on your weekend. In America, you can watch each Game of Thrones episode on HBO at 9 pm Eastern time on Sunday nights. You can watch it in the UK On Sky Atlantic and NOW TV. Besides this, you can watch GoT seasons online, but it is hard to find this online right? So, let’s finish this problem. There is a website on which you can watch Games of Thrones from season 1 all the way up to season 8 but put your ad block pauses on that website. Type on google Watch Series-it will be the second website name “Watch the original Series Online”. It going to give you a list of alphabets and click on G and click on Game of Thrones. It will show you all the seasons. Here is the link;
    All you must need is a computer or mobile with internet access. You can download it also from there.
  2.    Have you ever tried to know about Games of Thrones?
    Here is a little description of GoT that there is no discussion of real-life place in Game of Thrones. It is a story of continent name “Westeros”. Its north side is cold and the south side is hot. In winter snowfalls on the north side while in summer, there is cold. So south side people are very careful about the season. They thought in summer south side becomes very hot then north side. It has seven kingdoms and Westeros has the capital name” Kings Landing”. It also has an ice wall name as “The Wall” and their people do not like to work under the King’s Landing and the story revolves around all of them.
    So here is the little conversation about Games of Thrones. Hope it will help you. Enjoy your series on weekends.
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