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In This tutorial we know about almost all the sql database queries mean queries that relates with database like creating database ,drop database etc so first of all 

How to Creat Database In SQL

SQL create database query is use for creating new database

2: How to DROP Database

Drop Database is used for Deleting the whole existing database the query will be

3:How to Backup database in sql

The BACKUP DATABASE query is used in SQL  to create a full back up of an SQL database. for example


BACKUP DATABASE databasename
TO DISK = ‘filepath‘;

query will be 

SQL Backup with  DIFFERENTIAL Statement

 The DIFFERENTIAL statement is used  for the backup the parts of database that have changed since last full backup of the database 


BACKUP DATABASE databasename
TO DISK = ‘filepath

query will be in this situation


I hope you understand the sql database queries for table queries click here

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