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Today we will known about top 6 free Screen recorder. Screen recorder is not a difficult  tools to use on.Most importantly screen recorders are pretty much handy tools used to record the computer’s screen e.g ongoing activities, you can record videos from YouTube or for YouTube etc .Because these tools provide live capturing, what are you doing on Computer, which make easy for you to remember, what you have done previously and recently on PC. These type of tools are very helpful. By telling you how to record while using PC, we will recommend these top 6 screen recorder software’s .

  1.  SRecorder
  2. Icecream Screen Recorder
  3.  Ezvid Video Maker
  4. Atomi AchtivePresenter
  5.  Screenpresso
  6.  Bandicam Screen Recorder

I will tell you about the SRecorder .

About Srecoder



SRecorder is a best and probably the safest software due to. Because, of this you can make PC screen video of high quality and low quality, With sound and without sound.This software have no virus and no other issues . For the reason that therefore it the best software to use. Though this program you can create following things :

  • Record online lectures
  • Game videos recording
  • Presentations record
  • And many other things

Before you are going to installation process, first you have to download this software. Download this tool from or  rather then going to website simply click on SRecorder (link is given inside).


First of all after downloading the software simply double tab on the software and your program will run and go through from following steps.                            

 Step 1 

top 6 screen recorder .Srecorder

First of all you have to select the language in which you have to use this software. Which makes easy for you to understand and work in your own language.

 Step 2 

top 6 screen recorder .Srecorder

In this step you simple click on the next button to go in next process.

 Step 3

top 6 screen recorder .Srecorder

Carefully read all the instructions and then select the check button of i accept the agreement and then click next to move further.

 Step 4

top 6 screen recorder .Srecorder

Select the required check boxes and click next, the program will run automatically after the installation is finished, so you can start recording on your PC screen.                                                                                                                           


When the program is successfully installed you can start working with it. Similarly in the working we will know about features and functions of program.

How record while using srecorder :-
  • After a successful installation the shortcut icon will appear on the desktop. Simply click on srecorder icon to start the video recording, program will offer you to select area for recording. Click on red button to start and if you want to enable the sound mark the check box if not then leave it as unmarked.
top 6 screen recorder .Srecorder

  • Here you can the see the area i had chosen for recording and video has started by clicking on red button.
top 6 screen recorder .Srecorder

  • This Option is to save the ready video on the PCSelect the path where you have to save the video.
top 6 screen recorder .Srecorder

  • This option simply upload your video on the server if the video is ready.
top 6 screen recorder .Srecorder

  • Consequently by clicking on share you can share your video on social networks which you had created.
top 6 screen recorder .Srecorder

  • If you are done with it likewise you can simply click on close to end the program.
top 6 screen recorder .Srecorder


In contrast Screen Recorder software have also some settings. In order to select advanced settings, right-click the program icon on the tray. Here are the options:

  • Record video and Start recording video.
  • History of video storing on the program server.
  • This software allows to show and hide the desktop button.
  • Choose interface language of the program.
  • Go to the FAQ section on the official site.
  • Close the program.


While using screen recorder, w’ll recommend you to follow these simple rules to use program in full.

  • Set the area for video recording certainly . 
  • Check the sound is enable/disable box every time you start recording. 
  • While you are saving video in your computer, check if there is a space in your PC or not. 
  • Before sharing your video, make sure you have the account in the selected social network.

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